Picking up the Pieces

A Mother’s Guide to Finding Joy

Motherhood is what we were made for, right? What happens when you don’t love the role that you’ve been placed in? As moms, it is so easy to become consumed with the daily grind of life, and along the way, your joy is lost.

You always want to give your best to your family, but you find yourself trudging through the never-ending to-do list. By reflecting upon who God is, you can grow into the mother you want to become. During each of the five weeks of this Devotional Bible study, you will study a different area of your life and how God is growing you into His image so that your life is more fulfilled. As God makes an impact on your life as a mother, that imprint will make an impression on your child as they witness their mother enjoying life.

Tonia, an author, certified life coach, and EFT master practitioner has gone through the journey of searching for joy in motherhood as she went through the motions each day and she made it to the other side.  She can help you too.

Although I have just started this devotional, it has all my favorite things in a devotional: several verses for the day, perspective, thoughts, and questions to ponder for the day, & a place to journal. This would be a great devotional for everyone!
crystal t