Signature Course-2

a letter from my heart to yours…

Dear momma,

Motherhood is what we were made for, right? But that doesn’t mean it will always be pure bliss.  

As moms, it is so easy to become consumed with the daily grind of life, and along the way, your joy is lost.  You start asking yourself, “Is this all there is to my life? Is it too late to start over and create a happier life?

Let me tell you, my friend, you are not alone. I too was an overwhelmed, drained momma who had lost her joy. But now I have found a way to the other side.  I now live life abundantly fulfilled. Let’s get you there too! 

It’s time to STOP, pivot, and head in a new direction. I’m here now to help you build a foundation of faith and learn how to shift your thoughts to positivity.  Your thoughts become words, which then become actions, and lastly, actions become habits.  

I will coach you through the process, step by step, helping you create a plan, get motivated, and get you to that perfect job, whatever it is if you aren’t already there.  

We will then dive in together and face your financial situation to make sure you have breathing room. With this new peace, you can be truly present, with your husband and family, making memories, being intentional with your time so that you enjoy being with them.  

Finally, we will look at your inner circle of friends to ensure the qualities of your friends will be spurring you on and encouraging you to achieve your dreams while holding you accountable with compassion. 

Are you ready, Momma, to become a happier, more fulfilled, better version of yourself? Then let’s do this, together! 



But you know what?

I’ve been in your shoes.. and there is a better way!

I have been able to flip the script and I now live completely fulfilled. This course takes you through the process from a drained and overwhelmed Momma to living a more fulfilled and happier life. I want you to enjoy motherhood and grow YOUR ideal vision of your family and life.

Ready to go from Drained to Fulfilled in Just 7 Weeks?

This course is perfect for you if you feel:

Consumed with the daily grind of life
Lost, lacking your joy of motherhood
Burdened by a lack of sense of self
Unfulfilled in your expectations or goal
Overwhelmed and drained at the end of each day

What You’ll Get

  • SEASONS Conquering changes and challenges in life
  • FAITH- Creating a firm foundation for a life of joy
  • MINDSET- Pivoting to a fresh, positive perspective
  • CAREER- Scripting your perfect day for morning motivation and beyond
  • FINANCES- Implementing a budget to ensure financial freedom
  • FAMILY- Finding inspiration for family fun each week
  • FRIENDS- Building your authentic, loyal, and supportive community
Wow! I must admit I had forgotten about your course. I had a pretty hard blow-up Wednesday and I holed up in my room with mindless TV for a couple days. Your first Module got me out of my hole.
angie withrow-zelman

Moms, who have become consumed with the daily grind of life, and along the way, have lost their joy.


This course is the foundation to your transformation into a fulfilled, happier version of yourself where you enjoy motherhood. You will finish the course with YOUR vision of your ideal family and life.

There will be videos of a slide presentation with a voice-over. Great for both auditory and visual learners!

Benefit 1: ACCESS THE course at a lower introductory price.

Benefit 2: BOOST YOUR TRANSFORMATION THROUGH OUR a weekly Zoom call where we will dive deeper into each week’s modules.

Benefit 3: Lifetime access allows you to use the student group as your safe space for continued growth, and ask me your questions along the way.

Introductory Price until November 30th

Full Price starting December 1st