That’s What Faith Can Do

Why in the world would I need to lean on my faith? If it wasn’t for my faith, life would have beaten me down resulting in my giving up. I previously shared a little bit about my family’s financial struggles we went through a few years back. I didn’t share that there were a couple of times, where I went hungry to ensure that my children were able to eat. We relied on help from family and friends to put food on our table and to keep the electricity from being shut off. Let me tell you that was one of my rock bottom moments, and I struggled to keep the faith. To keep the faith that He would continue to provide. However, the seeds that were planted about God’s faithfulness in my childhood years had taken root and I held onto that faith. 

Have you ever experienced financial struggles where you are unsure of how you will make ends meet? With a foundation of faith, you can hold on and trust that your needs will be met.

My faith was shaken, but not destroyed when I had to watch my younger brother bury his son who was stillborn as my older brother and me, held our sons who were born just a few months earlier. I couldn’t understand why God allowed two of the three boys to live while the third one was taken to heaven never to walk on this earth- our sons being a constant reminder of what my brother lost. However, once again my faith got me through.

Have you ever experienced loss so heartbreaking that you almost lose your will to go on? With a foundation of faith, you can get up each morning while life goes on. 

You see my friend if you have a foundation of faith in God or your higher power, even though we aren’t without heartaches or trials, we are never alone. You will not be left to handle the hand that you have been dealt whether it be a loss, illness, struggle, or whatever valley you find yourself in. 

With faith, you have the strength and courage to face the trials of life.  Could your faith be strengthened? I am so excited to share a devotional that I have created to help strengthen our faith.  In my free Facebook group, you will find a challenge where I lock arms with you as we go through the devotional.  You can find my group here